TeamSnap Health Check Instructions

All players will be required to show proof of a completed TeamSnap health check prior to going onto the field for practice or games. Health checks are available 8-hours prior to all events and can be completed within the TeamSnap app. Parents must show proof of a completed health check to the coach. Players that do not have a completed health check will not be allowed on the field.

How to complete a Health Check

  • From your mobile device access the TeamSnap app.
  • Go to the Game or Event/Practice you are planning to attend on the schedule.
  • On the Game/Event screen, you will see details of the event, and below the date and time you will see the My Health Check. Click on this button to start the health check.
  • Click on Start to begin.
  • Complete the health check by answering all questions honestly and accurately. Click Save at the bottom of the health check.
  • When complete, if you pass the health check, you will receive a green confirmation screen. If you receive a "Health Check Not Cleared" message, your player will not be allowed to attend the practice/game.
  • When requested to show the completed health check to your coach, please click the "My Health Check" button again and the confirmation screen will be displayed.