COVID-19 Safety

Brandywine Valley Sports and Recreation

COVID-19 Safety

Our Commitment to Safety

Brandywine Valley Sports and Recreation and its programs are committed to providing a safe environment for our players, families, and coaches.  The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a significant number of challenges, but we believe it is possible to have a season(s) if we follow appropriate guidelines outlined by our local and state health departments, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and additional guidance provided by US Lacrosse and PIAA.

Return to play is 100% voluntary.  Players that are sick should stay home, rest, and recover.  Team are permitted to play scrimmages and games.  If play is suspended by any point by health authorities in Chester County or the State of Pennsylvania, we will also suspend play.

Refund Policy

Brandywine Valley Sports and Recreation( BVSR) will provide best efforts prorated refunds in the event of an emergency cancellation of the season due to COVID-related restrictions. Proration will be determined based on the date of cancellation, coverage of operating expenses, and whether fees can be applied to next season.  Uniform costs will not be refunded unless a cancellation occurs before uniforms are ordered and/or the order has been processed.

Health Check

All players will be required to show proof of a completed TeamSnap health check prior to going onto the field for ALL practice and games. Health checks are available 8-hours prior to all events and must be completed within the TeamSnap app. All health checks must be completed prior to coming to practice/games and parents/guardians must show proof of a completed health check to the coach. Players who do not have a completed health check will not be allowed on the field. 

To learn more about completing a health check, please click HERE for instructions.

Face Masks / Helmet Shields

Face Masks

Players must wear a face mask, even when playing. Coaches must wear a face mask at practices and games. Players should practice social distancing whenever possible on or off the field.

Helmet Shields: Lacrosse

When not wearing a helmet, players are required to wear a face mask at all times. While wearing a helmet, players must either wear a face mask or helmet mounted face shield. Coaches will attempt to keep a small supply of disposable face masks available, but we cannot guarantee availability.

Players who do not have proper face protection will not be allowed on the field.

Water Bottles

Players must have their own water bottle(s) clearly labeled with their name. Sharing of water bottles is not permitted.

Field Equipment

Only coaches will be permitted to move field equipment such as cones and goals. Players should only use their sticks when gathering balls.

Personal and Equipment Hygiene

All players must have hand sanitizer in the equipment bags and thoroughly clean their hands before, during, and after playing as necessary. Coaches will have limited amounts of hand sanitizer available.

Equipment should be thoroughly cleaned after each practice, specifically the inside and outside of all head gear and eye protection, helmet mounted face shields, helmet chin cups, interior portions of the helmet touching the side of the face, and all stick handles. Any equipment that can be washed, including pinnies or uniforms, should be washed regularly. Equipment that cannot be easily cleaned, such as gloves or shoulder pads, should be removed from equipment bags between playing sessions to help prevent the growth of bacteria.

Spectators / Sidelines

Parents, guardians, and spectators must follow all local health department regulations at all times. As a courtesy to all other families within our community, we require families wear face masks while spectating practices or games and practice proper social distancing.

We also require that you limit spectator attendance be limited to ONE spectator per participant and share the amazing experience of your players on the field with others via pictures and videos shared on social media or livestreams. You are highly encouraged to share your pictures in TeamSnap with the rest of your team or post your photos and videos to social media and tag Kennet Blue Demons Girls Lacrosse, Kennett-Unionville Thunder Boys Lacrosse or Kennett Blue Demons Youth Field Hockey.

Reporting Positive COVID Tests

If your player or any household member tests positive for COVID, we require you to immediately contact your team coach. To protect the privacy of our families, Brandywine Valley Sports and Recreation (BVSR) and its programs, will never disclose the identity of any player or family that tests positive. 


However, in the event of a positive case related to a team, including coaches, all practices / games suspension will be based on current CDC and/or Chester County Health department guidelines at that time. While suspension of activities may seem like a punishment, it is for the protection of all team members and their families. It is better to miss practices/games than knowingly put your team members at risk, so please never hesitate to report a positive case.


We understand these COVID safety policies are restrictive, but they have been enacted to keep our players and families safe and help us have an uninterrupted season. As these policies may be more or less restrictive than other teams within our league, we ask you to demonstrate your commitment to your safety and that of the community and adhere to our policies at all times.