F.A.S.S.T Athlete Training

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WELCOME TO F.A.S.S.T Athlete Training!

We are excited to bring this innovative and unique opportunity to our middle school athletes.  Brandywine Valley Sports & Recreation (BVSR) is partnering with Vida Performance to offer middle school aged (5th-8th) athletes the opportunity to take their athletic ability to the next level with personalized, small group athletic training and inspirational conversations.  This program is great for the growing or serious athlete who wants to learn how to train properly, avoid injuries, get stronger & faster, and engage in inspirational conversations covering topics such as nutrition, self-esteem and sportsmanship, just to name a few.


F.A.S.S.T. stands for Functional Agility Speed Strength Training.  The focus of this program is to teach the fundemental principals of strength training and how to translate that strength and power to the field.  Strength workouts are focused on proper technique to gain strength and avoid injury, exercises to increase power and improve field performance, and learning how to gain muscle.  Agility workouts focus on proper body positioning to maximize speed and avoid injury, and plyometrics exercises to improve explosiveness. Speed and agility training with variables are included to improve footwork and overall body coordination.


By clicking below and completing the reservation, this allows us to best determine which days to schedule the girls program and boys program based on the greatest demand.  We hope to run a maximun of 3 winter sessions.  There are up to 10 participants in each session on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday based on the demand.

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Girl's Session

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Boy's Session

Equipment and Uniform

Safety is of utmost importance to our organization and each player will need to provide their own equipment. For each session, athletes will need to wear clothing appropriate for working out, bring a water bottle, and wear sneakers.

The Season

The girls' season will begin in September and end in October. This program is once a week for 8 weeks.  Each session is 90 minutes long and is offered on two different evenings for up to 10 athletes in each session. You can pick the Tuesday or Wednesday evening session for girls. Information about the boys' program coming soon!


Each session is taught by the fantastic coaches of Vida Performance.  Vida Performance coaches are knowledgeable, accomplished, and certified in a variety of health and fitness disciplines.  They are also very supportive of youth sports and activities and we are happy to partner with them in offering this program to the youth in our community.  You can learn more about Vida Performance Coaches by clicking VIDA Performance Coaches.

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